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Bread Slicing Blades

We provide the good quality Reciprocating Bread Slicing Blades manufactured from the excellent quality raw material.

We produce in the following sizes, but we can produce in any size required by the client

H L D2 Hole Type  
254 268 5.5 Hole 12.7
258 272 5.5 Hole 12.7
260 274 3.2 Pin 12.7
258.5 273 4.5 Hole 12.7
259 273 4.5 Hole 12.7
260 273 4.5 Hole 12.7
273 287 4.5 Hole 12.7
285 298 3.2 Pin 12.7
301 315 5.5 Hole 12.7
317 331 5.5 Hole 12.7
285 299 5 Hole 12.7
358.8 373 6.4 Rivet   6.35

Other Information
• Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Piece(s)
• Port of Dispatch: Hyderabad
• Production Capacity: 10000/month
• Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks
• Packaging Details: Strong Corrugated Boxes

Reciprocating Bread Slicing Blades

We introduce our self as the leading manufacturer and supplier of reciprocating blades for bread slicing machines. These blades are available in different configurations and dimensions. We use the best quality raw materials for giving best results in bread cutting. These blades are long lasting and have features like smooth edges, durable finish.

Our Blades are available in Carbon steel, Stainless steel and Teflon coating.

We are able to produce most types of slicer blades for all the bread slicing machines including following: ABO, Berkel, Clewe, Daub and Verhoeven (Long), Daub and Verhoeven (Short), Delta with Holes, Delta with Pins, Dumbrill, Gasparin (Long), Gasparin (Short), Heristal, Herlitzius, Jac, Kalmeijer, Maho/ Holtkamp, Mainca, Mono, Oliver, Rosen and Robert,Unimac, VLB, Wabama.

Other Information

• Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Piece(s)
• Port of Dispatch: Hyderabad
• Production Capacity: 10000/ month
• Delivery Time: 2-4 weeks
• Packaging Details: Strong corrugated boxes

Band Slicing Blades

APICO is an expert in bread and bun slicing for the baking industry. APICO uses High Grade alloy steel that meet demanding quality requirements. APICO blade lengths are tightly controlled with all blades of the same length being exactly the same length – not sorted into matched sets. The blades are welded into bands using a proprietary high strength welding technique. Scallops are ground on specially designed machinery ensuring that all scallops are made with consistent geometry. Finally, every band is inspected to meet rigorous quality checks prior to be shipped. APICO offers a variety of blades options to slice your baked product. 

We have

• A variety of edges including scallop, v-tooth, straight edge, etc.
• A variety of pitches including ½”, 3/”8, & ¼” pitch.
• Ability to make blades in your width, thickness, and length requirements.
• Standard cross ground blades (S or E) for variety slicing.
• Apico parallel ground blades (H22 and H27) blades for premium slicing

Other Information

• Minimum Order Quantity: 40 Piece(s) 
• Port of Dispatch: Hyderabad
• Production Capacity: 4000/ month
• Delivery Time: 3-5 Weeks
• Packaging Details: Strong Corrugated Boxes